Hybrid Windows tablet

Although tablet sales have recently been increasing, but the drop in interest seems to bypass hybrid devices that are a combination of tablet and laptop. Acer launches one of them called One 10, equipped with Windows platform.

Acer One 10 is the latest product from the mobile segment that will appeal primarily to consumers looking for a cheap but powerful device. The manufacturer has equipped it with a 10.1-inch touch screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with IPS matrix, quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor clocked at 1.33 GHz, 2 GB memory and RAM and 32 GB of usable memory.

In addition to the specification of the tablet we also find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, two cameras of 2 megapixels as well as a microSDXC card reader. The hardware is managed by 32-bit Windows 8.1, while it is powered by a 8400 mAh battery.

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Astronomers have discovered water clouds outside the solar system

Our planet is not the center of the universe and there are hundreds of billions of planets on which life may exist. Of course, modern technology does not allow them to be investigated for the time being and we can only observe them. Such observations are also useful because they first discovered water clouds outside the solar system.

This discovery was made at a rather unusual facility, namely the cold brown carcase called WISE 0855, which was first seen in 2014. It is quite close to Earth because it is only 7.2 light years away, and it is also the coldest object discovered by humans outside the solar system surface temperature of -23 degrees Celsius which made it necessary to observe it using the Gemini North telescope In Hawaii.

Scientists call WISE 0855 a not-so-formed star, because it was created in the same way as other celestial bodies, but failed to get enough weight to shine, although it is five times greater than Jupiter.

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DJI takes over Hasselblad

The media reports that DJI, the world’s largest producer of consumer drones, is preparing to purchase a significant portion of Hasselblad. The Swedish company is known for producing high-end cameras equipped with an extremely high resolution matrix.

Her cameras are not intended for the consumer market because they can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so they are out of the reach of the average amateur photographer. NASA, which used them during the Apollo mission, is eager to use them.

The financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed, so it is not known how many shares of the Swedish company will be purchased. This will not be a complete takeover. It is worth adding that the DJI has already purchased a portion of its shares at the end of 2015, so it is now increasing their volume. The Chinese company will gain access to modern technologies that are likely to be used in new unmanned vehicles.

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Electrified concrete will facilitate road clearing

Every winter the drivers complain about snow covered roads and ice roads, where they drive very hard. While urban services do what they can, but as the example of the east coast of the United States shows, they can not even handle the heavy rainfall. However, researchers from the University of Nebraska may have a solution to this problem.

The winter is worst for drivers because it is dangerous to ride because of ice-covered roads, and sandbars and plows are not always able to remove the danger. The ideal solution would be a heated surface and such a project is carried out by a team of scientists from the University of Nebraska under the leadership of Chris Tuana.

Researchers have created electrified concrete. In other words, it is a concrete that conducts electricity and after passing through it the ice melts in just a few minutes. This was achieved by mixing concrete with steel chips and carbon particles. This way the material conducts electricity and warms up.

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Smartphones and tablets are “too expensive, hurriedly released to the market with faults”

According to Underwriters Laboratories, nearly half of consumers surveyed believe that consumer electronics products are released faster than needed and supply exceeds demand.

The proof of this thesis is given tablets that were rushed to market just to be any counterweight to the iPad. Particularly painful failures were the TouchPad from HP and the Playbook from Research in Motion, which was perceived as too expensive and less of an Apple product. It was because of the price of the Kindle Fire that he started selling so well.

Many respondents also believe that products are hurried to hit the market as quickly as possible, and are often sold with defects, both hardware and software.

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The Swedish court blocks The Pirate Bay

By the decision of the Court of Appeal, some Swedes will not be able to use the popular The Pirate Bay website. One ISP must block access to it.

Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music have made their mark. They forced Bredbandsbolaget to block Swedish citizens from accessing the popular The Pirate Bay website. This is the result of a lawsuit filed in 2014 by these labels and Nordisk Film and Swedish Film Industry, which decided to get rid of The Pirate Bay, as well as Swefilmer sites streaming movies.

The companies initially suggested that Bredbandsbolaget was responsible for its users, as the operator was not willing to block their customers from accessing The Pirate Bay and Swefilmer. Such argumentation did not, however, bring the expected effects. The first round of judicial battle took place in October 2015 and was won by the intervener. The judge then found that the operator was not responsible for the actions of his clients, which provided access to the network.

The labels appealed against the judgment and the court of appeal admitted they were right. By judgment, Bredbandsbolaget must block access to these sites for three years.

Other internet providers in Sweden consider this a dangerous precedent because they do not exclude that such a court decision may impose new obligations on them, specifically to force the monitoring and evaluation of content available on the Internet and blocking sites containing allegedly illegal material. The current level of technology does not, however, make it fully effective. Operators will nevertheless have to bear the cost of such operations, which will probably end up shifting them to customers using their services.

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Police radar lets you look through the walls

The American police will soon be able to further violate the privacy of citizens. The local law enforcement agencies are equipped with new, very modern radar systems. The device is called Range-R and allows you to physically peek into the house, looking through the walls.

In situations where criminals take hostages, it is very important to get an image from the inside of the building to see the location of terrorists and hostages themselves. This makes it easier for anti-terrorist units to accurately plan the assault, including choosing the most appropriate time to attack.

It is often used for endoscopic microscope cameras, but soon it will not be necessary, as the uniformed services will be able to openly use the new technology to look through the walls. This is the new Range-R radars, which the US police quietly has been using for more than two years.

The system is used by more than 50 US government agencies including FBI agents and the Marshals Service. Devices, each costing 6,000 dollars, at a distance of more than 15 meters allow you to see what is going on at home and whether, for example, no one is hidden in it. Technology allows you to see through walls as it feels so sensitive that it easily detects motion and even breath and lets you determine the exact location of your target.

The disclosure that the uniformed services use the Range-R, which took place in December last year during one of the court proceedings, caused a lot of buzz in the American media. Especially from organizations defending the right to privacy, which, according to radars, may violate it. Although the Supreme Court stated that uniformed people have no right to use the equipment if they do not have a search warrant, no one can guarantee that the warrant is obeyed.

Christopher Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union says technology that allows police to see homes is one of the most invasive tools in her arsenal.

L-3 Communications, a manufacturer of Range-R radars, has confirmed that it has sold about 50 such devices. The Marshals Service purchased radars in 2012 and has spent $ 180,000 on it, so it’s easy to calculate that it has 30 such devices.

It is worth emphasizing that the Range-R is one of the less advanced devices of this type, as there are already much better models that can present people’s position in three dimensions. The Department of Justice, on the other hand, is working on a system that can create a map of the interior and locate all the people in it.

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Lost memories can be recovered

Recent research by researchers at the University of Notre Dame has allowed us to uncover more amazing features of the human brain. It turns out that he can recover the previously lost memories.

Our brain is like a big computer capable of storing huge amounts of data. This concerns memories from all of our lives. Some of them must of course be erased in order to make room for new ones, but occasionally the memories disappear as a result of illness, Alzheimer’s.

A team of neuroscientists from the University of Notre Dame, working under the direction of Nathan Rose, however, discovered that the lost memories could be restored. The scientist says that it is enough to just treat the brain with a small amount of electricity and this allows them to access them. This is possible because our memories are not really forgotten at all, but the processes that take place in the brain can make us think that way.

Studies in the Science journal also show that our short-term memory has more layers and is more dynamic than previously thought. Understanding how it works can lead to a better understanding of human cognitive abilities.

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Great sales results

Tesla reported the latest sales figures for its car, covering the first quarter of this year. It follows that Model X is increasingly popular with customers.

Model S has enjoyed the most success among Tesla customers. Recently, fans of this brand are increasingly interested in its first SUV, Model X. The latest sales data for the first quarter of this year shows that sales of this car are beginning to approach the sales of the Model S.

Since the beginning of this year, customers have purchased 11,550 models of Model X. For comparison, Model S has sold 13,450 units, so as you can see, the difference is only 1900 vehicles. In 2017, the SUV sells much better, because in the same period last year these proportions looked quite different. Model S sold 12,400 units, while Model X only 2,400 units.

The interest in the SUV is so great that Tesla does not keep up with their production, and for the first two months of this year, there were problems with the availability of this car. This shows that electric cars are gaining market power.

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New Midi Tower housing

Sharkoon, a well-known manufacturer of high-end computer rebuilds, is launching its latest model, the BW9000. It is a standard Midi Tower enclosure, whose modern design is very elegant and the functionality is very high.

Computer users often do not realize how important the whole package is to the enclosure. It is a framework of the whole system, which decides the comfort of installation of components, provides adequate cooling, etc. Most consumers buy the cheapest housing, while it is worth buying a little more expensive not only to present the computer nicely, but also to avoid many problems.

The BW9000 is the latest Sharkoon casing model, which has just appeared on sale at an attractive price of 67.90 euros. This is a Midi Tower enclosure designed specifically for liquid cooling kits, high performance processor coolers, and long graphics cards.

It also features easy-to-access dust filters that prevent component contamination, as well as tool-less system installation. The housing is available in two variants: plain and with a window through which you can look inside.

Its manufacturer has undoubtedly put a lot of emphasis on efficient cooling of components, installing a large number of windmills in the middle. As standard, it features two 140mm front-mounted fans and a 120mm rear panel that lights up with LEDs in the window version. The purchaser may additionally install three further 120 mm fans on the upper panel or two 140 mm.

You may also opt for water cooling if you plan to insert strong components into the enclosure. The manufacturer has predicted a place for two radiators. The first of them is 280 mm or 360 mm and 5.5 cm windmill can be installed in the top panel, while in the front will be a 280 mm cooler with a 6.5 cm high windmill.

The maximum length of the power supply may be 26 cm. The graphics card installed can be up to 43 cm in length, while the processor cooling fan can have a maximum height of 16.5 cm.

The manufacturer also installed three dust filters on the top, bottom, and front panel, with easy access for replacement or cleaning. Thanks to them, the interior of the enclosure will remain quiet for a long time.

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