Astronomers have discovered water clouds outside the solar system

Our planet is not the center of the universe and there are hundreds of billions of planets on which life may exist. Of course, modern technology does not allow them to be investigated for the time being and we can only observe them. Such observations are also useful because they first discovered water clouds outside the solar system.

This discovery was made at a rather unusual facility, namely the cold brown carcase called WISE 0855, which was first seen in 2014. It is quite close to Earth because it is only 7.2 light years away, and it is also the coldest object discovered by humans outside the solar system surface temperature of -23 degrees Celsius which made it necessary to observe it using the Gemini North telescope In Hawaii.

Scientists call WISE 0855 a not-so-formed star, because it was created in the same way as other celestial bodies, but failed to get enough weight to shine, although it is five times greater than Jupiter.

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