Ebooks are similar to paper books

While digital books are much more convenient than paper, because they occupy less space, and offer easier searching for chapters, standard books have an edge over them in several respects. Amazon decided to suppress it by introducing Page Flip.

Digital books will not push the paper market for a long time, though they certainly have many advantages. We will fit the entire library on the size of the postage stamp, we do not have to fear the degradation of printing with age, and we have fast access to individual chapters.

Paper books also have some other advantages that we will not find in digital versions, but the latter are slowly beginning to catch on. Amazon has just released a new feature called Page Flip that has been introduced to Kindle readers, as well as Kindle applications available on iOS and Android platforms.

This is the equivalent of inserting a finger into a book, creating a bookmark, and then quickly looking through the remaining pages for interesting snippets or pictures. Once activated, the read page will be placed in a small window, while on the rest of the screen, you will be able to see thumbnails of the other pages, with the ability to zoom in on each of them. Then you can return to the read page.

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