Electrified concrete will facilitate road clearing

Every winter the drivers complain about snow covered roads and ice roads, where they drive very hard. While urban services do what they can, but as the example of the east coast of the United States shows, they can not even handle the heavy rainfall. However, researchers from the University of Nebraska may have a solution to this problem.

The winter is worst for drivers because it is dangerous to ride because of ice-covered roads, and sandbars and plows are not always able to remove the danger. The ideal solution would be a heated surface and such a project is carried out by a team of scientists from the University of Nebraska under the leadership of Chris Tuana.

Researchers have created electrified concrete. In other words, it is a concrete that conducts electricity and after passing through it the ice melts in just a few minutes. This was achieved by mixing concrete with steel chips and carbon particles. This way the material conducts electricity and warms up.

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