Google can remotely unlock Android smartphones

If you think it’s safe for strangers to access the data on your smartphone, then you’re in a big error. According to documents disclosed by the New York District Attorney’s Office, Google is able to remotely unlock nearly 75 percent of the devices running on this platform.

Theoretically, blocking a smartphone with a password protects it from unauthorized access, but also protects against law enforcement who would like to obtain possible proof of the owner of the device.

In practice, however, it turns out that this blockade does not do much, because, according to recent documents from the New York district attorney’s office, Google can remotely unlock our equipment and do so at the request of the police, once the search warrant has been submitted.

This is available for older Android versions, and as they are still the most popular, we are talking about 75 percent of all mobile devices running on this platform. This way, the right-holders can access the memory of the device and freely view all data stored in it.

Only Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer version of Android 5.0 has been protected against remote locking because only full encryption is available from this version of the system. However, it is worth remembering that this feature is disabled by default and must be manually activated in the system settings.

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