Great sales results

Tesla reported the latest sales figures for its car, covering the first quarter of this year. It follows that Model X is increasingly popular with customers.

Model S has enjoyed the most success among Tesla customers. Recently, fans of this brand are increasingly interested in its first SUV, Model X. The latest sales data for the first quarter of this year shows that sales of this car are beginning to approach the sales of the Model S.

Since the beginning of this year, customers have purchased 11,550 models of Model X. For comparison, Model S has sold 13,450 units, so as you can see, the difference is only 1900 vehicles. In 2017, the SUV sells much better, because in the same period last year these proportions looked quite different. Model S sold 12,400 units, while Model X only 2,400 units.

The interest in the SUV is so great that Tesla does not keep up with their production, and for the first two months of this year, there were problems with the availability of this car. This shows that electric cars are gaining market power.

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