Lost memories can be recovered

Recent research by researchers at the University of Notre Dame has allowed us to uncover more amazing features of the human brain. It turns out that he can recover the previously lost memories.

Our brain is like a big computer capable of storing huge amounts of data. This concerns memories from all of our lives. Some of them must of course be erased in order to make room for new ones, but occasionally the memories disappear as a result of illness, Alzheimer’s.

A team of neuroscientists from the University of Notre Dame, working under the direction of Nathan Rose, however, discovered that the lost memories could be restored. The scientist says that it is enough to just treat the brain with a small amount of electricity and this allows them to access them. This is possible because our memories are not really forgotten at all, but the processes that take place in the brain can make us think that way.

Studies in the Science journal also show that our short-term memory has more layers and is more dynamic than previously thought. Understanding how it works can lead to a better understanding of human cognitive abilities.

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