New Midi Tower housing

Sharkoon, a well-known manufacturer of high-end computer rebuilds, is launching its latest model, the BW9000. It is a standard Midi Tower enclosure, whose modern design is very elegant and the functionality is very high.

Computer users often do not realize how important the whole package is to the enclosure. It is a framework of the whole system, which decides the comfort of installation of components, provides adequate cooling, etc. Most consumers buy the cheapest housing, while it is worth buying a little more expensive not only to present the computer nicely, but also to avoid many problems.

The BW9000 is the latest Sharkoon casing model, which has just appeared on sale at an attractive price of 67.90 euros. This is a Midi Tower enclosure designed specifically for liquid cooling kits, high performance processor coolers, and long graphics cards.

It also features easy-to-access dust filters that prevent component contamination, as well as tool-less system installation. The housing is available in two variants: plain and with a window through which you can look inside.

Its manufacturer has undoubtedly put a lot of emphasis on efficient cooling of components, installing a large number of windmills in the middle. As standard, it features two 140mm front-mounted fans and a 120mm rear panel that lights up with LEDs in the window version. The purchaser may additionally install three further 120 mm fans on the upper panel or two 140 mm.

You may also opt for water cooling if you plan to insert strong components into the enclosure. The manufacturer has predicted a place for two radiators. The first of them is 280 mm or 360 mm and 5.5 cm windmill can be installed in the top panel, while in the front will be a 280 mm cooler with a 6.5 cm high windmill.

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The maximum length of the power supply may be 26 cm. The graphics card installed can be up to 43 cm in length, while the processor cooling fan can have a maximum height of 16.5 cm.

The manufacturer also installed three dust filters on the top, bottom, and front panel, with easy access for replacement or cleaning. Thanks to them, the interior of the enclosure will remain quiet for a long time.

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